Beast In The Basement Unleashed

Hello!  My new novella, Beast In The Basement, is now available to buy at all Amazon sites.

It's a dark horror-thriller and rather hard to discuss without giving too much away.  I'll hand you over to the blurb...

* * *

"You can only live in a world of make-believe for so long, before reality comes calling.  It always does."

In a huge house in the English countryside, a reclusive and increasingly unstable author toils over a book which will close the trilogy of best-selling Jade Nexus fantasy novels.

Speculation and rumour are rife among hardcore Jade Nexus fans that their heroine will die at the hotly-anticipated book’s conclusion - a possibility against which they have begun to loudly protest via social media as the release date nears.

How do you deal with such intense pressure?  How do you cope with distractions from your work such as a violent intruder, panicked messages from your agent and a potential love interest moving into the cottage across the field?  And far worse than any of those problems, what do you do about the Beast in your basement?

Beast In The Basement is a contemporary horror story about obsession, revenge, censorship, blame culture and parental responsibility.  A dark and twisted tale with a kick.  Read it fast before someone spoilers you!

Parental advice: this novella features strong violence, profanity and some sexual scenes. Not recommended for minors.

* * *

And there we have it.  Hopefully that may have whetted your appetite.  It was a fun novella to write, and hopefully it's a horror story which is also about something.  I don't necessarily believe that all horror stories should be about something, but it's always a bonus.

You can take a look at the novella at Amazon UK, Amazon US (incorporating Amazon India), Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain and Amazon France - all of which allow you to 'autowirelessly' download a sample of the book's front section, to see how you like it.  You can read the Prologue and the lion's share of Chapter One.

While Amazon deal only in Kindle-format ebooks, these can be played on all kinds of platforms.  I regularly read Kindle books on a Kindle app on my iPad.  You can also read Kindle books on desktop computers and BlackBerries and everything.  So there's no excuse not to venture into this Basement.

At present, Beast In The Basement is an ebook and a digital-only release.  How very modern.  But who knows what the future may hold?

The book's wonderful cover exists because of Caroline Fish, the design genius behind the thriving Mad Old Cat Lady website.

If you decide to brave Beast In The Basement, I really hope you enjoy it and tell other people.  It's my first totally independent fiction release and I'd love to see it thrive.  Perhaps you could hit 'Like' on my official Facebook page and share the odd novella-centric post.  In return, I'll come to your house and bake you a cake*.

An early-bird review of Beast In The Basement can be found here at The Reluctant Geek, incorporating a couple of interview quotes from me.

If you run an established site/blog/Mexican bordello bar and would like to review Beast In The Basement, or interview me, please write to this email address, including your site URL.

Here's the book's official web page.  Who knew the URL '' would be available?

* Jason Arnopp will not be coming to anyone's houses or baking any cakes.  Good day to you.

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Helen Smith said...

Congratulations! Sounds great & I love the cover. I hope you sell loads of copies.