The Office

He had to do it. The Bishop had to go and turn it into a meme. Damn it all to hell!

We've seen the work spaces of Andrew Tibbs, Laura Anderson and The Bishop. So here's mine:

You'll notice the lack of coloured index cards stuck on the wall. This is because I've tried, and failed, to get my head around this method of plotting. I'd rather open a Word file and write the list of events, and/or write a proper treatment. Can't be dealing with craning my head to look up at the wall, every time I come to write a new scene.

So the wall carries posters instead, for preposterous Italian post-nuke films like Rome 2033 The Fighter Centurions and Final Executioner. And a Friday The 13th wall calendar... with nothing actually written on it, because I work from a week-to-week planner book instead. But hey, I like the pictures. Also on the wall is that yellow sheet - reminding me of TV shows I need to catch up on, via my DVD-recorder's hard drive or box-sets - and a few index cards carrying important info like passwords for various websites.

Sadly, my study is also my bedroom. In my last flat, I had a proper study. Christ, I miss that room. And one day, I'll get it back. Not the same room, mind, seeing as my landlord was and is an utter fucknut and evicted me. (Who in their right mind objects to tenants holding Satanic rituals in which neighbours participate against their will?).

As a special, exclusive Arnopp boudoir bonus... here's the opposite wall. If it pleases you, click it to enlarge, then browse my shelves. I'll put the kettle on too, if you like.

I'm tagging Piers, The James Moran The Fifth and The Dark Arrow to show us where they work. So there.


Anonymous said...

And of course the obligatory bottle of ketchup close at hand.

As well as... Is that a jar of pickles??

Jason Arnopp said...

Michelle, I would never have suspected that you were capable of sauce presumption. That's not tomato - it's a really tasty Hot Chili With Garlic number. And the jar contains conspicuously healthy dry-roasted soya nuts. Almost entirely tasteless, but they keep the wolf from the door, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

That's impressive actually.

All I've got in here is a packet of liquorice allsorts and a very large tin of biscuits...

Well done sir.

Lara said...

Dry-roasted soya nuts? Mmmm. Tasty.

You were tagged by me not so long ago too...should be fairly easy though, looking at your 'yellow sheet'. ;)

William Gallagher said...

Ridiculously revealing of character: I love this meme.

William "Untagged So Far, Sob" Gallagher

Piers said...

You just wait, Gallagher.

I'll get you. Yes I will.

Jason Arnopp said...

Ooh, don't you worry, Greenway! I'm on it.

John Soanes said...

I like this kind of peek into other people's workspaces... even if I was slightly thrown off by what I spotted lurking beneath the Tardis box set.
I'm sure you'll claim they're not yours, or they're for research or something, but still.

Jason Arnopp said...

Lord Soanes, you had me a bit worried there! Thankfully, it's not a severed head or goose-porn. But there'll be no shame or excuses from me: I unashamedly love Sex And The City. There's some of the cleverest storytelling you'll ever see in that show, as well as great characters and camaraderie. So there. Yes.

John Soanes said...

Crikey, there's an opinion I have to say I haven't heard before. I suspect I'll beg to differ*, but I'm mainly relieved that you didn't just say you like the shoes, I know too many people who spend too much time talking of Manilla Blogblokes or whatever they're called...


*Full disclosure: watched the first couple of episodes and bailed out. Have since had to suffer friends who (worryingly) compare it to real events in their life, so it might just be that the fans are the worst adverts for it. Though even the fleeting glimpses I've had since then suggest the clothes continue to be risible. I'm probably just jealous of Carrie's career, mind.

Laura Anderson said...

I particularly like the condiments, the pepto bismol and the ladybird.

I tagged you with another meme btw. Mine has been less successful that the Bishop's.

Tom said...

Owning Sex & The City I can understand. I'm also guessing you must really, really like Friends to have the entire set twice.

Not quite sure how you're going to explain away Jackass though while retaining any semblance of credibility.

Haven't seen that Hellraiser Lament Configuration boxset for quite a while.

What are the game boxes on the top shelf?