#RECvirus: What's Going On?

These days, you don't tend to see film PR companies going the extra mile.  Most of them don't go a mile at all, simply e-mailing a press release to all their contacts and hoping for the odd bite.

Hats off, then, to Fetch Publicity, who early yesterday morning unleashed this, in reference to promo discs for the new sequel [REC] Genesis...

You can tell that a hell of a lot of work went into this.  Either that, or the whole thing's real.

I don't think it's real.

Do I?

No.  Of course I don't.  Even though Fetch Publicity keep swearing blind it's real.  "Hope Elle is going to be okay," said Fetch's Sarah Wharton on Twitter yesterday.  "We don't even know where they've taken her".  Christ!

I'm amused, though, by the fact that an allegedly infected promo disc for [REC] Genesis should be falling through my letterbox at around midday.

I love the [REC] movies.  [REC] and [REC] 2 are two of the found footage genre's most unnerving, scary and jolting examples.  Great horror movies.  Can't wait to see the new sequel.

I'd better not actually screen the [REC] Genesis disc this afternoon, because Esther and I have a house party today for our anniversary, full of guests (full list here on Twitter). It wouldn't be fair to risk their lives.

But maybe I could just... touch it.  Touch the disc.  Couldn't I?

Just for a laugh.  And besides, we do have a former exorcist for a neighbour...

I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the #RECvirus hashtag today and tomorrow, to see if Fetch Publicity have any other shenanigans up their sleeves!  And I suggest you do too.  Good day to you.


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Rach said...

At last. Some imaginative publicity. Like it. Though I prefer the original spanish ones.