Bestselling Beast!

It's been quite the weekend.  My horror novella Beast In The Basement was officially released on Friday and ended up quite high in the Amazon charts.  I've been pleasantly surprised by sales.  One of the first and most astonishing things which happened was this, on the Thrillers chart:

Sandwiched in between two Stephen King books?  One of which is one of the very finest horror stories ever told?  It was ludicrous, but nevertheless it happened.  Madness.

During Friday and Saturday, Beast In The Basement rose up that chart and finally peaked at #14, which suited me just fine.  With indie publishing, you really can't afford to become too fixated on charts and sales.  As with any writing career, you very much have to keep the long game in mind.  Still, a good chart placement is really encouraging - so, thanks to all who bought the novella.  Even now, after the weekend, it's sitting in the Thriller charts at #49.

Did you hold off from buying Beast because it's in Kindle/mobi format?  Did you?  Don't worry, help is at hand...

First of all, Amazon offers various apps which enable you to play Kindle files on almost any device (except a kettle or a toaster, obviously).  You can see their array of apps in the UK here and in the US here.

Secondly, I've devised a way in which you can effectively buy Beast as an epub file (suitable for Sony Reader, Nook and others) or a PDF file (suitable for anything that can handle Adobe Reader, which is almost everything)...

Step 1:  Buy the novella at the Amazon site.

Step 2:  Forward your Amazon e-mail receipt to 'tell arnopp at gmail dot com', requesting ePub and/or PDF.

Step 3:  I'll e-mail you back, attaching the novella in your chosen file format.

There we go.  Everyone's a winner!

I'm also dreaming up a potential competition for buyers.  Such a competition would include people who've already bought the book, so worry not.

Bloggers and review sites have so far been very receptive to reading and reviewing Beast In The Basement, so I'm sure I'll be sharing reviews with you soon.  In the meantime, here's something which one @sebpatrick tweeted this morning:

YOU TOO can feel this demented elation!  Download a free opening sample of Beast now, at Amazon!

UPDATE: This evening, I uploaded a Sneak Peek at Beast In The Basement to a site which allows you to post downloadable PDFs on Twitter.  That link should also work here.

Official web page

The book at Amazon UK

The book at Amazon US

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