Script Clinic, with Doctor Denis Leary

Q: Doctor, I'm working on a treatment for a feature-length movie. Is it best to use the 12pt Courier font? I've heard it's frowned upon by some industry types...
A: Shut the fuck up! Next!

Q: Doctor, Act One went like a breeze. Wrote it in 48 hours. But Act Two is proving to be a real quagmire. Very tricky indeed. In fact, I'm starting to doubt the whole concept of a thriller set among the Eskimo community. Should I press ahead with it, or ditch the project?
A: Shut the fuck up! Next!

Q: Doctor, what's best: Final Draft or --
A: Shut the fuck up! Next!

Next Time: Father Dougal McGuire answers your queries.


Andy Goodman said...

Denis Leary is always going to be harsh!

Remember to tell Father Dougal that the cows are FAR away. Good luck with explaining the nuns to him.

Phill Barron said...

Doctor Denis Leary: I don't know, I've stopped being funny since Bill Hicks died and I've got no one to steal material off anymore.

Jason Arnopp said...

Andy - yeah, but which cows are close again? I get confused myself.

Oi, Barron. Back to that script. Only two days left!

Phill Barron said...

One and a half - I've just finished breakfast and already it's lunchtime.