Development Heaven

Pre-production on Look At Me - the short I've written, based on a story by director Dan Turner - is going full steam ahead. The Elstree Studios offices of Magician Pictures are a-buzz. And somewhere amid all the logistical and financial preparation, Dan and I are finding time to fine-tune the script. There's nothing like knowing a screenplay is going to be filmed in 13 days' time to motivate you into making it just so.

Last few days, we've been talking about details via Skype (which might sound like a medieval disease but is an extremely useful portal for free computer-based phone chats, written chat and exchanging files). Everything from the bigger Devil's Advocate queries (is the ending enough?) to the XYZ co-ordinates of character behaviour (does Amy stand at one end of the sofa for too long, with nothing to do?). I'll go away and make tweaks, send the script back to Dan and we talk again. It's a wondrous process, greatly enhanced by the fact that (a) I've met the two lead actors and can now picture them while writing action and dialogue; (b) I can reference online location photos, to see where these scenes will be shot; and (c) I can take a sneak peek at Dan's storyboards.

I'm still writing the full-length ASK's first draft at the same time. Only three pages today so far, but there's life in this old goat yet. In other news, there's also been a non-script-related work development, but I can't blog about it 'til next week. Oh, and I've finally stopped smoking. Good day to you.


Andy Goodman said...

You, sir, are a Dervish of the Whirling variety. All power to you.

Elinor said...

No stress then...go Jason!