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They're funny things, these official Facebook pages.  Many writers, projects and companies have one, but their impact and appeal seem uncertain.  I decided to find out for myself, by creating one.

One thing I discovered along the way, is that this kind of Facebook page is public.  You don't have to be logged in to see it, so in that respect it's much like a website.  I tend to keep my personal Facebook profile for friends, family and colleagues, so it makes sense to separate things out this way.

So this page is brand new, as of yesterday, but already features some stuff you can't find anywhere else, because I think that's key to making it useful and/or entertaining.  There's a folder of my personal photographs taken during the filming of Stormhouse in August 2010, which may divert you and tickle your ribs.

I'll be using this page to post updates on the horror novella which I'm releasing this Summer.  The title, what's it about, the blurb, the cover, the first chapter... all that stuff.  Of course, I'll eventually deliver these updates via Twitter and this blog too, but it'll be on the Facebook page first.  It's rather exciting, this novella, because it's the first thing I'm putting out since my short film Ghost Writer which conceptually-speaking comes entirely from me.  

Anyway, feel free to browse this Facebook page and hit 'Like' if it blows your skirts up.  See you over there.

Oh, and Goodreads fans: I also established a page over there.  Seems like a nice book-reading community.  Where's the harm?


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How to Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne and Everyone Else

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