Man Inside The Stormhouse

Honestly, those UK film releases are like Number 9 buses. You wait half a lifetime for one of your own, then along come two.

Yes, in July, two films are released which I worked on. This is good.

I wrote and executive-produced the supernatural horror film Stormhouse, which hits UK DVD on July 9 via High Fliers.  Somewhat unusually for a British film, Stormhouse was released in America first, through Lionsgate (see their wonderful trailer here) in February of this year.  Last year, it world-premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, before enjoying a run of theatrical showings at the London Film 4 FrightFest and the Los Angeles Screamfest among others.

Stormhouse happened fast in 2010.  In May, director Dan Turner casually mentioned the words "The military capture a ghost" to me in a pub.  In August, we were squirrelled away in a military base in deepest, darkest Suffolk, shooting the film.

I can't imagine a better first experience in film, than spending several weeks in a scenario where cast and crew all pitched in together, sleeping under the same rooves (funny word, isn't it, 'rooves'.  I had to Google, to be sure it was right) and working hard to make the best film possible.  Stormhouse stars Katherine Flynn as New York psychic Hayley Sands, who is summoned to the titular Brit military base and tasked with communicating with an incarcerated entity, Grant Masters as her nemesis Major Lester and a similarly splendid cast including Grahame Fox, James Capel, Martin Delaney, Munir Khairdin and Patrick Flynn.

After Stormhouse, Dan made urban drama The Man Inside.  Very much a personal project for him, it sees young boxer Clayton striving to escape the shadow of his violent, prison-dwelling father.  It's a powerful tale, dealing with family, identity, revenge and redemption.

Shot in Newcastle last Summer, The Man Inside stars Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas as Clayton, David Harewood as that bad dad, the splendid Peter Mullan, Michelle Ryan, Jason Maza and more.  During a long development process, I script-edited the film, after the remarkable Danny Stack shepherded Dan's story through its earlier stages.

Excitingly, The Man Inside is due to hit UK cinemas on July 27!  You can see the official trailer here, then hopefully do your bit to support independent British film, etc etc.

So, yeah.  Two films in July.  For a writer, it's always nice not to fear the question "So what have you got going on at the moment?"

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Very impressive. Can we speak via email. Let me know, DM me on Twitter. @tryingtrue