Stormhouse: Yesterday's MCM Expo Panel

At 1.30pm yesterday, we had a Stormhouse panel on the Cosplay Stage at London's brilliantly epic MCM Expo event.  It's a vast (seriously, vast) get-together for lovers of comics, movies and games, which happens every six months and especially attracts folk who like dressing up in fun costumes.

Stormhouse director Dan Turner and I took to the stage with special/make-up FX veteran John Schoonraad, who has worked on the likes of Casino Royale, Rambo, X-Men First Class and indeed Stormhouse.  What a pleasure.  At the start of the panel, John commandeered a table and began applying prosthetic pieces and make-up to volunteer Tim, who you can see in his final guise, 45 minutes later, in the photo you see above.  And below, you see Dan quizzing John during the panel.

Thankfully, Dan and I had a lovely panel-host, Louise, to fire questions at us, or we might simply have babbled like geese all the way through.  We kicked things off with a plasma-screen airing of the film's teaser trailer, then made the first ever public airing of two scenes from the film, including an FX-heavy scene in Stormhouse's medical centre (see pic below).  Dan talked along with the scenes, explaining what was going on and how various effects were achieved.

Then we continued to talk about the film while Mr Schoonraad beavered away on his table.  It was a fun way to spend 45 minutes and the audience seemed engaged, which was no small achievement in a huge venue where people are spoilt for choice in terms of what to pay attention to.  A resounding success.

Heading out of the venue, towards much-needed pints, we were delighted to see that our trailer was part of a looped programme playing on a huge screen outside the venue (see below), where hundreds of people hang out on the steps - thousands across the whole weekend.  So if you're reading this while still at the Expo, take a look outside and you should see Stormhouse's teaser trailer loud on that screen!

We also scored a half-page feature in the event's official programme, which was great.  Overall, then, a fine combination of fun and promotion for Team Stormhouse!  Hooray.

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