Stormhouse: Edinburgh Preview Reel, MCM Expo News & More

Well now.  There I was, thinking I couldn't be prouder of the fact that me, director Dan Turner and producer Dean Fisher made a feature film in a country where it's allegedly impossible to do so, thanks to 'The System' trying to keep us all 'down'.  But it turns out I can be prouder, ever since this morning, when the Edinburgh International Film Festival unveiled its 2011 Preview Reel, featuring Stormhouse clips amid other splendid-looking motion pictures.

The video below may well stretch out onto the right-hand column of this blog, but I don't mind if you don't.  Stormhouse clips are scattered throughout this video, but most are clustered together after the 2.15min mark:

Lovely, isn't it?  I like that a lot.  I'd also like to tell you that tickets are now on sale for Stormhouse's two public world premiere screenings at Edinburgh.

Thursday June 23
Filmhouse 1, 22.10

Friday June 24
Filmhouse 1, 21.15

But that's not all!  No, sir/madam, certainly not.  There will also be a Stormhouse panel at London's MCM Expo event, this coming Saturday May 28 at 1.30pm.  It's a huge event for lovers of comics, films and dressing up in fun costumes.  We will be there, talking about the film with an FX spin.  Dan, Dean and I will be joined by Stormhouse special/make-up FX genius John Schoonraad, who has worked on the likes of Casino Royale, Gladiator, Rambo, 28 Days Later and Event Horizon.  Join us!

Also wanted to tell you about the power of the internet - and specifically, Twitter.  The other day, I tweeted a link to the Stormhouse teaser trailer.  Comic book legend Warren Ellis, a gentleman who I much admire, retweeted the tweet to his 414,000 followers.  Wow.

But it got wowier.  William Gibson, the man who invented cyberpunk and brought the world classic works like Neuromancer, then retweeted Warren's retweet.  None more wowy.  And so, you begin to realise how social media - and Twitter in particular - really can be about much more than what people are having for lunch (although I like to read a bit of that, frankly.  I like the minutiae of people's lives.)

Having said that, it's a constant struggle to get people to watch even a 45-second teaser trailer for an unknown indie horror feature.  Nothing shameful about anyone's initial disinterest or lack of awareness - there are a billion other things vying for their attention.  So if I may refer you to my earlier post, Stormhouse Needs YOU, I'd love for you to help spread the word, if this film looks up your street.  We genuinely need the support.  Thank you!

The Stormhouse Facebook page has been updated today with a stills gallery, if you fancy a peruse and hitting 'Like', if you haven't already.

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