Tempting Fates: And They're Off!

Tempting Fates, the online drama which Eye Film & TV hired me to co-storyline and co-write in a real team-effort along with director Frank Prendergast and the splendid Sarah Olley, has now started airing. The first short segment can now be seen at the official website. You can also see it on student TV network Freewire's channel 106 and over at Little House TV.

The whole of this season is 40 segments long, divided into four ten-segment episodes which will run on weeknights over the next eight weeks. There are also a couple of sites which expand and back-up the Tempting Fates universe, such as main character Professor Morgan Node's own video-blog, in which he babbles like a madman about fate, destiny, the universe and everything.

But hey, enough of my yakkin'. Head over to the official site and have a look. It's the beginning of a really fun adventure at an Earth university for the fates' three apprentices - Chloe (spins the thread of life), La (measures how long that thread will be) and Attie (gives it the snip) - with lashings of gallows humour.

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Helen Smith said...

Yay! Just watched it. Cute idea. I liked it. Looking forward to the rest of it and ESPECIALLY any and all bits you've written, naturally.


Looks great Sir Jase!

Another big hit for the Arnopp writing Corporation!

Danny Stack said...

Well done, that man!

Sofluid said...

Just watched through them all - jolly good show Sir!

I think it's really starting to find its feet. It normally takes me a few wepisodes of a show for me to start getting "into" it and I think that, 4 episodes in, I may well have been sucked in.

Fate? ;)