Give Stack A Stack Of Cash

There's a lot of filming in the air. Besides Splendid launching this week, master-blogger Danny Stack is on the verge of lensing his short film, Origin, "a supernatural drama about a woman who tries to keep her family together when her son falls ill after he's bitten by a mysterious creature." Sounds good? Hell yeah! And you can help ensure it gets completed.

Rather than just sitting back and holding out a tin-pot, Danny's offering various incentives to donate, including credits and some fun video diaries. Still, I say this to you (if you haven't already given generously): how many times have you absorbed the great man's advice for free, and become a better, more well-rounded writer as a result? The Stackster is the gift that keeps on giving, all year around, established 2005. So it'd be tremendous if you could hand over whatever you can afford, and get yourself an Associate Producer credit, or a Special Thanks, or whatever.

Danny also seems to still need a Sound Recordist & Boom Op for Origin. Click here for details.

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Dom Carver said...

Two of my short films are being shot in May....NICE!!!!

I haven't got up the courage to film my own yet though. Way too stressfull.