The Early Bird Catches The...

... best deal on tickets for this year's Screenwriters' Festival. Undoubtedly the finest event in any creative's year, it will this year run from October 26 to 29 at Cheltenham Ladies' College, offering the usual splendid array of guests, information and networking opportunities.

The Early Bird price on tickets remains valid for the next three days (unless, by some chance, you're reading this in December 2013, or some such outlandish date), ending at 5pm on Thursday, April 30. After this, they'll go up, so grab them now at this link and, for the love of God, tell them I sent you. Discounts are available for groups of buyers, so now's the time to round up that posse you've been thinking about gathering since last July.

If you're uncertain that you can attend the event, then full refunds will be available up until September 25. So why not take advantage of the early bird price now? Hmmm? See you there!

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Lee said...

And if you're quick, you can get a room at the Travelodge for £29 a night. It's a couple of miles from town centre, but share a cab back after Festival + Pub and you've saved a bundle.