Doctor Who Magazine 396

Now then, you - put down that sandwich and listen up. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out today, and I have stuff in it. Oh yes. I've written features on The Poison Sky and The Unicorn & The Wasp, as well as previews of the imminent Steven Moffat (he's going to be the new show-runner! tremendous!) gem Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead and episode eleven, Turn Left. As ever, the magazine has loads of stuff not written by me, including Russell T Davies' unmissable Production Notes column, a review of The Invasion Of Time's DVD release and the second part of a comic strip featuring the Sycorax. Get in!


David Lemon said...

Hi Jason
you busy chap-will certainly check out your Dr Who stuff- nice to see you're doing some sycorax stuff too; they're up with the weeping angels and clockwork C18th robots as my favourite 'New Who' monsters.
Very useful Cannes tips too. Was happy to be away from it all this year; I find a little boozing and BSing at The Petit Majestic goes a very long way. Are you at the screenwriter's festival this year?

Jason Arnopp said...

Hello Sir! Christ in a hot-air balloon - you just try keeping me away from the Screenwriters' Festival this year. It has become rapidly become a mid-year Christmas, in my eyes. You're speaking at it, right?