Slashing & Thrashing

There are two online side projects of mine which I haven't mentioned before: one old, one new.

The old one is Slasherama, my horror movie website. Started it in 2002 and have updated it less and less often over the years, but it's still full of fun and has even carried paid advertising over the last year or two. Nice.

The new one is Thrasherama, my blog about thrash metal. In case you're unfamiliar with thrash, it's regular metal's younger, faster, nastier brother, as exemplified by the likes of Slayer, Razor, Destruction, Kreator and other acts with gnarly-sounding names. Handy hint: if you listen to thrash metal while screenwriting, it makes you type faster. And write more violent scenes.

What I'd like now, is suggestions for my next online venture's name. Two criteria: it has to start with something rhyming with 'Slash'. And end in 'erama'. Obviously.


Rob Stickler said...

Surely it's obvious?

'Tacherama - an exciting website about moustaches of the world. You could have regular features like Tache of the month and Jasons Grooming Tips.

Perhaps one day yould even sell Tacherama branded clippers?

I for one will be subscribing to that ATOM feed.

Jason Arnopp said...

I'm bloody loving that, Stickles! First, though, I feel I should cultivate a Salvador Dali-esque 'tache, complete with curly tips, in order to give the new blog the launch it truly deserves.

Piers said...

Obviously what the world needs is for you to create a site filled with gay love stories about our favourite characters from Science Fiction.


David Bishop said...

Smasherama - an exciting website about artificial mashed potato.

Splasherama - an exciting website about watersports.

Dramadasherama - an exciting website about the race to the toilets at the interval in a long play, musical or opera [particularly Les Mis].

HarmaBananarama - an exciting website for those who dislike Banarama.

Ramalamadingdongerama - an exciting website for collecters of novelty songs.

Piers said...

Trasharama - dedicated to going through the dustbins of the rich and famous

Casharama - Short videos of people waving money at the camera

Rasharama - A website dedicated to skin complaints

Rashomonarama - four websites all about the same thing, but different

Bashanarma - A website about the damage you can do to Full Plate with a sword

Bashgreganddharma - Dedicated to disrespecting and generally pouring bile upon sitcoms featuring zany female characters and their uptight husbands.

Jason Arnopp said...

Fellas, with these suggestions you are truly spoiling me!

Rob Stickler said...

Lasharama for recovering alcoholics.

Fasharamar either for dedicated followers of fashion OR fans of the Fashanu brothers.

Sasharama for people who really like sashes.

MJ said...

Stasherama : a top website about where to hide your various illegal substances which shall not be named, and/or the chocolate that your husband/flatmate/lover/cat might eat whilst you're surfing on that new-fangled net.

Gasherama : I can't say it now... I've got... an image.

Dan Turner said...


For the love of gash

Dan Turner said...
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Jon Peacey said...

Slashdotdashdotslasherama- about your secret shame... your love of the musical stylings of Fatboy Slim.

Lasherama2- about the person you employ to cure you of your secret shame...

Cartoucherama- about your hitherto unknown passion for archaeology...