Keith Baxter R.I.P.

Today, I'm thinking about Keith Baxter, who died on January 4, aged just 37. He was the drummer with Britrock band 3 Colours Red and folk-metallers Skyclad. Most of all, though, he was a top bloke, a great laugh and brightened many an assignment I did while in rock journalism mode. Every time I see a wasp, I remember Keith branding them "pointless, vindictive little bastards", over 10 years ago in a recording studio somewhere. I'm very sad to hear that Keith has left us, and extend condolences to his family and friends.


Oli said...

Oh. I met him after a gig once, he was a nice guy. That's very sad, and I join you in offering his family sympathy.

Lucy said...

That IS sad. My son's uncle was in the original line-up of 3 Colours Red many moons ago before they got a contract and this guy replaced him when he decided to do his A Levels instead (whoops!).