We All Scream For Nice Memes

Hello, you insanely beautiful bastard. I've been tagged in a cunning pincer movement strategem by the delectable Helen and port-happy Piers to reveal five things which other folks might consider lame, but which I'm weirdly proud of. Christ. Where to begin? You only want five, right? Okay then...

1) I love magic tricks. Always have, always will. I love the iconography of magic - the random nature of its props. Dice, silk scarves, metallic rings, cups, balls (steady, Lucy) and Chinese coins. Bought £60 worth of magic off eBay just the other week. Lovely.

2) I enjoy movie sequels. No idea why, but I can't get enough of them. Obviously, I don't love bad ones. But whereas some people groan at the thought of a second, third or indeed 28th instalment of a film franchise, I'm all, like, "Yeah, dude, bring on Leprechaun 11 - let's see where the little fella ends up this time".

3) I'm sentimental about cuddly toys. I still have a few. All with names. All somehow alive, in my warped, child-like imagination.

4) I love Tunnels & Trolls. This is the 80s roleplaying system which was forced into relative obscurity by the mega-stardom of Dungeons & Dragons. I like T&T (hey, look at me, using cool short-hand), because besides being a system for multiple players, it also issued several wonderful solo adventures. Much like Oli, I always loved the choose-your-own-path style solo book stuff.

5) I once played guitar in a thrash metal band called Tenebrae. We never recorded anything in a studio and only ever played one gig, when we weren't ready, having only been formed a couple of months beforehand. I had big heavy metal hair back then, like that of Slash from Guns N' Roses. Interestingly, from that one gig I got myself two girlfriends. Not at the same time. If I remember rightly.

Without doing too much checking, admittedly, I hereby tag Annie Rhiannon, Andrew Goodman, James Moran, the late Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung and Graham Linehan. Clearly, those last two are pretty much neck-and-neck in terms of likelihood.


Elinor said...

That's Mrs insanely beautiful bastard to you!

Tenebrae? OMG I remember them! Come on Jason post a photo - big hair rules.

Jon Peacey said...

I love magic tricks too!!! I'm always torn as to whether I want to know how they work... I guess I always want to believe that they're true.:)

I still remember being scared when Paul Daniels got 'killed' that Hallowe'en. I thought he might come back... too mean???

I also used to have big heavy metal hair but not in a cool GNR way. Thankfully I don't pick up on photographic paper so the evidence doesn't exist.

James Moran said...

Dude, I love magic as well - I used to put on shows for my mum and any passing relatives or family friends, they went on for ages while I clumsily did shite tricks. I enjoyed it though, and that's the main thing.

Bugger, I've got 3 of these things to do now. Can I abandon the soundtrack one if I do this? Cause I can't think of anything for that. I've got to do the musical inspiration one, but that's easy.

Oli said...

Tunnels and Trolls - good geekery, my man. Oft ignored by the cool roleplaying kids of today, who've only ever played 3rd ed D&D, and don't even know what THAC0 stands for. The shame, they've never had it so good, and so on.

Hmmm... I somehow missed my fabulous collection of Fighting Fantasy books and Warlock magazines off of my list.

Chip Smith said...

Tenebrae - wow - after the Dario Argento film? It's been years since I saw that (on a very dodgy old video cassette if I remember rightly). Just the mention of the name is enough to make me want to pop over to Amazon and place an order...