Three Kinds Of Fireworks

(1) The ones in the Cardiff night sky, which I can see from this fourth floor window. Jesus, it looks like the city's at war with itself. Wish I could go out and see them up close, but there's work to be done at this here desk. As usual.

(2) The ones on the set of Doctor Who today. Good God, that was fun. My inner child ('inner'? who am I kidding?) shrieked and became decidedly giddy.

(3) The ones in my gut. Anyone else feel like a cat with red-raw paws on a hot tin roof, waiting for an email from the Red Planet Prize folks to say, "Yes! You are a finalist!"? Danny has said he'll post when all the requests have gone out. I never thought I'd find myself dreading a Danny Stack post...

Proper catch-up post and crazy meme action soon. Yes. Good day to you, sir/madam.

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