Masters Of The Universe

Doctor Who Magazine # 384 materialises on shop shelves today, with a whooshing, creaking sound. You have two Master covers to choose from, which may be tricky. Both of them, however, feature an article wot I wrote.

Halfway through this series of the show, the Eurovision Song Contest necessitated a two-week gap between broadcast of The Lazarus Experiment and 42. This affected DWM's coverage, including my feature on Paul Cornell's two-part story Human Nature. The issue would now be coming out after Part One, but before Part Two, so my HN feature had to be pruned of a few spoilers, which meant ripping out some quotes and bits of info.

The mag then suggested that I write a second Human Nature feature. Rather than presenting a load of leftovers, thinly cobbled together, though, I opted to write a piece about The Dark Doctor - those moments throughout Who history when the Doctor shows a decidedly tough/cold/cruel streak. This theme ties in nicely with the end of The Family of Blood, when the Doctor dishes out some rather extreme punishments. Anyway, if you read it, hope you like it. It's a fine issue, all 'round.


Phillip Barron said...

Even in the cover photos Derek Jacobi looks more evil than John Simm.

Such a shame.

Anonymous said...
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