By Demons Be Driven

Feeling pretty good today. Yesterday, I wrote and submitted my entry for the Royal Tapes competition (deadline midday today: hurry hurry hurry!). And this very morn, I've completed the rough first-draft of a three-minute horror short which has been rattling around my head for most of this week.

Here's one of the more exciting things which has happened of late: a director-friend of mine wants to film a short, this Summer. He has a self-produced feature behind him, plus a few shorts, and is set to film a new movie this year, adapted from a novel. He initially wanted to shoot this short for the hell of it, but recently realised that it would be nice if it somehow complemented his upcoming full-lengther (and I just know that Lucy will be going, 'Ooh! Titter ye not!' at the expression 'full-lengther'). Now fortunately - and entirely coincidentally - the short film which I've banged out (calm down, calm down) this morning does indeed have a similar theme. So I've sent him this first draft, to give him the idea. Let's see if it appeals. If not, perhaps he and I can hammer an entirely new notion out between us. Either way, it'll be great to get that first screen credit.

I'm slowly, oh-so-slowly, getting myself around to heading down to the BECTU Freelances Fair. If you're reading this and also going, then do sidle up and say hello, hi, word-up or whichever greeting suits. Good day to you.


Lucy said...


Very good, sir.

So, let's get down to business - you ENTERING your own pitch of a FULL LENGTHER into my...shit, run out of double entendres. Fill in the gap. Whoops!

Get it in, Jase! ; P

potdoll said...

i was going to go to that thing! hope it's good!

Anonymous said...

i would give this guy a wide berth if i were you.
sounds like jerk.

sounds like he needs a good spanking...