"How's it going with the New Work Regime, Jase?"

... I hear you shriek. Well, thanks for asking. It's going pretty damn well, so far. Started on Monday (switching to office hours at home, in case you're unaware of the New Regime and can't be bothered to scroll down) and stuck to it on Tuesday and Wednesday too. Today is completely different, as I'm in my hometown Lowestoft for a family birthday, but hey, that's the joyous flexibility of the freelancer.

Now, when I say I stuck to the Regime... my time is still bendy. Here's a for-instance. On Wednesday, I ended up having a two-hour lunch break, for one reason or another. Outrageous? Yes, I know. But I compensated by working an extra hour at the day's end, clocking off at seven. Typically, too, I suddenly had a real surge of productivity in that final hour and didn't especially want to stop, but I did anyway. Maybe I should have carried on, but... Ah well, I'm still getting used to this. And I was peckish.

Another thing I should point out is that I haven't been writing fiction this week. It's all been journalistic, actual-factual fare. I say this, because I know that fiction-writing works differently. Uses a different part of the brain, and all that. So I'm curious to see how, when I properly begin work on my sample-TV-scripts-in-order-to-secure-an-agent, it all works within the (loose) constraints of the New Regime. If you sit down at 10am and your imaginative muscles feel like snapped rubber bands, how is that going to work? In my experience, when you're pulling stuff out of your own hat, sometimes there's just nothing there and you have to wait for it to fill up again... We shall see.

So that's my update on the New Regime. Tell you something, though: I've enjoyed my evenings a whole lot more. Christ, I've watched FILMS, episodes of 24 and everything. Madness. I should be flogged stupid for such brazen displays of self-pleasuring sin...

Incidentally, am I the only one vaguely concerned about this Earth-like planet which has been discovered a few light years away? If they're anything like us, they'll have ballsed up their own globe and want some of ours.

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Phillip Barron said...

Maybe by 'Earth-like' they mean full of fat people who can't be bothered?