For all your Hollywood printing needs...

Can't believe it's taken me this long to plug this excellent Hollywood-based printing store, but better late than never. Unless you're racing towards the execution of a Death Row inmate, for instance, with a pardon clutched in your sweaty paw.

Digital Express, they're called. A small, personalised operation, they print and copy script pages for you, cheaply. They bind them, too. But here's the best bit: they'll then FedEx these scripts for you, at relatively low cost. So if an LA producer wants to see your script, they could potentially have it on their desk, printed and bound, within a day or two! How'd you like those apples, huh? Yeah!

Here's the link to their site. Tell the main man, Maziar, that I sent you. Then as soon as he mentions the money I owe him, change the subject. Arf.

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