British Fantasy Awards 2015: Jury Duty

Here's an unusually brief post to say how delighted I am to serve my third summer of jury duty for the British Fantasy Society's British Fantasy Awards 2015.  I'm handling Non Fiction in the distinguished company of Johnny Mains and Laura Mauro.

Over the last couple of years, it's been great to help hand gongs over to the deserving Pornokitsch and Speculative Fiction 2012, but now the process begins afresh. You can see the full list of juries here.

The lists of nominees will follow in due course.  Naturally, I'm always especially interested in the Best Horror Novel category, in which I'm very much hoping to see the mighty likes of Sarah Lotz's The Three, Lauren Beukes' Broken Monsters and MR Carey's The Girl With All The Gifts up for awards.  Glad I don't have the task of judging that one.

Bye for now and don't, whatever you do, stare into your bathroom mirror for more than seven seconds, unless you want to free what's trapped within the glass.

* * *

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