Easter Insanity: Free Book! Half-Price Books!

Hello to you and your amusingly eccentric collection of severed heads on spikes.

Wanted to tell you about some discounts on books with my name on them, this Easter.  These promotions run for the duration of this fine Easter weekend, up until and including Monday April 21, 2014.


There's an unbeatable 100% discount on this chilling short (10,000-word) story at Amazon sites around the world.  It's yours for zero pence from now until Easter Monday inclusive! Free, free, free.  So go on and grab the deeply troubling ghost story which is set in YOUR home.  Yes, yours.  Readers have described it as "highly original and chilling" and "the creepiest fucking thing I've read in an age".  If you end up agreeing with those readers, the story is also available as a Paper Edition - a physical letter (imagine!) in which key details are tailored to you, and which is snail-mailed to your letterbox.  Hundreds of people have purchased these - especially for loved ones, funnily enough.

Here's your handy list of global Amazon sites to grab it for nowt:

Amazon UKAmazon US Amazon Canada
Amazon Germany Amazon France Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain Amazon Japan Amazon Brazil
Amazon India Amazon Mexico Amazon Australia

I'm sure you know this, but you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books, thanks to Amazon's multi-platform Kindle app.

Are you reading this post after Easter 2014?  This either means A Sincere Warning... has reverted to its usual price of £0.96 and/or the world has been over-run by Satanic nanobots, hungry for wet, tender flesh .  Still, if you're an Amazon Prime member you can still rent it for free up until mid-July 2014.  Which is almost as good as getting it for free.


This non-fiction book aims to tell you everything I learnt about interviewing people, in my past life as a journalist.  It shares all the tricks, all the secrets and seems to have gone down very well with newcomers and professionals alike.  I started a Formspring account, in case any readers still had a lingering question afterwards... and I've only had to answer one question since it was published.  So hopefully this means the book is doing its job.

How To Interview Doctor Who... is usually priced at £6.34.  When you buy it direct from me this Easter weekend, it's under half-price at £2.99.  You'll pay by PayPal (which takes all major credit cards, etc etc) and the process will be automated by the Pulley system.  A handy Triple Pack of all-purpose, DRM-free file formats - ePub, mobi and PDF - will be whizzed to your inbox, so you can read the book on pretty much any platform you like.

Here's the link to buy at the special price of £2.99.  It will open up a new window and take you to PayPal.  Be quick!  Or be... uh, without a book about interviewing people.


Shock!  This weekend, there's a further discount on this collaboration between the author JMR Higgs and I, which already offers splendid value!  You get two mind-bending book in one special combined volume: my novella Beast In The Basement and Higgs' short novel The Brandy Of The Damned.  It includes a special introduction from us both (which you can read for free if you like, by downloading the sample section from Amazon to your chosen device.)

Brandy In The Basement is available at its regular full price of £2.98 at the Amazon sites below...

Amazon UKAmazon US Amazon Canada
Amazon Germany Amazon France Amazon Italy
Amazon Spain Amazon Japan Amazon Brazil
Amazon India Amazon Mexico Amazon Australia

... or you can get it direct from us for the special discounted Easter Weekend half-price of £1.49, using the neatly automated PayPal/Pulley system, which gets you three different file types - ePub, mobi and PDF - auto-whizzed to your inbox.  Nice!  This link here will open a new window which takes you to PayPal.

Quite clearly, there's no excuse whatsoever for having nothing to read this Easter.  Have a tremendous weekend and don't forget to verify that all the shadows in your bedroom correspond to actual objects, before you sleep.

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Jason Arnopp said...

Well done, everyone: A Sincere Warning... is currently at Number 3 in Amazon's Free Horror Fiction chart, above Dracula and Frankenstein!