Brandy In The Basement

Look at that!  The cover of the new collaboration between me and the author JMR Higgs.  As you may be able to discern, it's a combination of the artwork for Higgs' short novel The Brandy Of The Damned and my novella Beast In The Basement.  An AA-sided ebook, if you will.

Love how those covers slot together.

The idea arose, in our communal work space (the pub), of bundling two of our books together for a super special price.  They're both stories we're proud of and which we'd like as many people to read as possible.

That's why you can now buy Brandy In The Basement, a single ebook which contains our two stories, plus a new introduction, for way less than their usual combined cover prices.

Beast In The Basement is usually £1.96.  The Brandy Of The Damned is usually £3.40.

Buying the two together as Brandy In The Basement will set you back a mere £2.98.

The Brandy Of The Damned is a mad road movie of a book, which made me feel like my life had been changed in some subtle, messed-up manner.  Author CJ Stone called it "A child's tale of the imagination told for adults, in a way that is both entertaining and beautiful".  Higgs really is a demonic puppeteer of the subconscious.  His new novel First Church On The Moon, a brilliant follow-up of sorts to The Brandy Of The Damned, comes out next month, while the new paperback edition of his sort-of-non-fiction biog The KLF: Chaos, Magic And The Band Who Burned A Million Pounds arrives via Phoenix in September.  So now's the time to get ahead of the curve.

The Beast In The Basement is a tense psychological horror-thriller, which also seems to twist people's brains loose.  Focusing on an author going mad in a remote country house, it's all about censorship, parental responsibility and revenge.  It urged Red Dwarf collaborator Seb Patrick to tweet, "I reached a certain moment and wanted to stop and applaud my Kindle.  On a tube train."

What on Earth are you waiting for? Join us for a basement libation!

You can buy all 65,000 words of Brandy In The Basement from any Amazon site worldwide, for Kindle.  Worth noting, of course, that you don't need a Kindle in order to read Kindle books.

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See what Mr Higgs has to say about all this on his own blog here.

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