Where Are We Now? March 2013

This occasional new blog format was inspired by the mighty Warren Ellis, who semi-regularly posts Who I Am And Where To Find Me status updates over at his gaff.  Although in my case, this extended status update is really more for my benefit than anyone else's...

So.  Where are we now, in March 2013?

I'm Jason Arnopp, scriptwriter and author.  Used to be a journalist but I'm all better now.

I love to watch or read anything with some form of intensity or great characters.  Ideally both.  I aim to write this way too.

I previously wrote one feature film, script-edited another and wrote many official tie-in things for the worlds of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Friday The 13th.

But what next?  I'm working on five feature films in various stages of development, from one-pagers to casting.  About twice that number, if you count dormant feature scripts which may resurrect themselves one day.  One of these five active film projects is the previously announced Africa-set horror-thriller Safari, which will hopefully shoot this year.  Another is a blood-drenched Hong Kong romp.

Today, I finished draft zero on a new TV series pilot which I'm writing on spec.  Finishing that feels great.  I'm co-writing another potential TV series with someone amazing, who I can't name.  That feels even greater.

I've released three Kindle things via Retribution Books.  In non-fiction, there's How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else.  In fiction there's the thriller novella Beast In The Basement and scary horror short story A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home.

That last one is also available as a bespoke Paper Edition, which people seem to like: so much so, in fact, that I may have to temporarily pull the shutters down on availability quite soon, in order to get more work done pre-Summer.  Over the last nine months, on and off, I've been writing my fourth Kindle book, another non-fiction effort, 101 Writing Fears And How To Deal With Them.  Hopefully that title speaks for itself.  I'm also very slowly writing a novel.

Over in the wacky world of comics, my seven-page story Consumed is destined for zombie anthology series Dead Roots.  This will emerge later in the year and I can't wait to see the finished product from artist Sarah Gordon.

You can find my main Twitter account here.  I also have side accounts for journalism, thrash metal and old school VHS.

I have an official Facebook page and you can write to me via this, although I might not notice for a while.

I have a main Tumblr and another for old school VHS (yes, I'm really into my old school VHS right now.  If you have ex-rental '80s tapes you'd like to off-load, let me know.)  I have a Vine account and like Vine a lot, but have no clue how to link you to my profile.

And that, my juggled jars of precious moonlight, is where we are in March 2013.  I've almost certainly forgotten some stuff and definitely concealed some other stuff.  Still, it's cleared my head even if it's bored yours THE HELL OFF.

Good day to you.

Recent interview with me at The Cult Den, talking about horror, Doctor Who and being held at gunpoint at the Vatican

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Anonymous said...

It must feel great to be so busy! I am really happy for you.Well done. Janice