Black Weekend Book Blitz!

Wanted to let you know a couple of things, you insane GOOSE.

Thing Number One: JMR Higgs' book KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money is now available at Amazon.  This, you may recall, is the book which made me think our neighbour was going to burn the building down.  It's a potentially dangerous and quite brilliant affair.  Even if you have only a passing interest in The KLF, you'll find this to be a deeply unusual and compelling music biography, which examines the idea that Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty burned one million pounds in August 1994 because they were unwitting pawns of Chaos.  Much like John's short novel The Brandy Of The Damned, it leaves you with the strange feeling that your world view has shifted on its axis.

A couple of interesting web-things accompany the book.  The most elaborate is a pop-up radio station called Radio Eris.  This auto-broadcasts Discordian theories, interview clips, music and more into the void.  It is also programmed to broadcast one chapter of John's book every day, four times per day, spoken by a synthetic voice.  You'll also want to check out the Tumblr blog which John has created for the book, quite simply entitled The Fuckers Burned The Lot.

KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money isn't technically on a Black Friday-style offer, but having said that I think John has priced it too cheaply.  So it may as well be.  Examine it at Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Thing Number Two: I'm getting into the Black Weekend spirit by offering a 10% discount on the price of one format of my supernatural story A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home, from now 'til Sunday.

The format in question is the grandly-named Bespoke Deluxe Paper Edition.  This is a specially personalised version of the tale, snail-mailed to your home as a physical letter.  And of course, A Sincere Warning... is SET in your home.  So, all things considered, it's an unsettling experience.  Readers have reported everything from loss of sleep to inability to sleep, which means they may go mad and/or die.  So please do tread carefully.

Besides the obvious advantages of a 10% discount, it's best to get your order in soon if you're planning to receive the Bespoke Deluxe Paper Edition by Christmas.  If you want to buy it for someone as a gift, as many people have, I can write the words 'Do not open until Christmas' on the back of the envelope.  Just say the words.

The Bespoke Deluxe Paper Edition of A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home can be ordered at the story's official web page here:

Have yourself a splendid weekend.  And if you're reading this in the amazing year 2037, do take a moment to reminisce about how splendid that weekend was.

Fellow authors: in Comments below, feel free to tell us about any Black Friday/Black Weekend promotions you have on the go.  Don't be shy, now.  Authors offering special deals this weekend only, please!

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Robin Burks said...

I'm selling Zeus, Inc. for $0.99 on and giving away a $25 Amazon gift card throughout the weekend. Details can be found here: