Two Photographs I Love

I don't consider myself to be much of a photographer.  The iPhone snaps I take are generally to capture people in places, or things to post on Twitter, and are rarely masterpieces of composition.  Neither are the two photographs which follow, but I like them a great deal - probably because they're of things which link back to my childhood in Lowestoft.

I took this one beneath Lowestoft's Claremont Pier, which is one of my favourite buildings.  I love piers in general.  This one's home to a slot arcade, and these days, a bar, nightclub, roller disco and cafe.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the place - I'd draw maps of the layout of its arcade machines and all-sorts.  Anyway, I'd never been underneath it, mainly because the tide is rarely low enough to allow such madness.  I loved the view out to sea, and the way in which the water appeared to be a different colour between the piers' supports.  Clearly a secret time-tunnel.

And this is quite obviously a bridge-beast gaining sentience.  It's the bridge between South Lowestoft, where my family have lived as long as I can remember, and the train station/town.  As a kid, I had nightmares about being halfway over this bridge when it split in two and rose up to allow ships through.  Still get a little frission, every time I walk over it.

Two photographs that I love, taken on the same day.  What are the chances, eh?


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