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As new additions are made to the Stormhouse screening schedule, I wanted to post a round-up of places where you can see the film in coming days, weeks and months.  Here goes:

Film4 FrightFest, London Leicester Square Empire Cinema, Discovery Screen, 11.30pm
This is a source of tremendously giddy excitement for me.  It's a dream scenario for this event to be the very first to screen Stormhouse post-Edinburgh.  As I've said before, FrightFest has been a yearly pilgrimage for me since 2002, so having a film showing at this most prestigious of genre festivals is a great way to mark my tenth visit.  I've written a 1500 word piece on the experience of making a horror film in the UK and how that's a far from impossible achievement, for the latest issue of the event's free e-magazine. Keep an eye on the Film4 FrightFest's home page for the new August 2011 edition, which should be posted soon.

Birmingham Comic Con, 7pm
A new addition to the schedule, this well-regarded event will be screening the film for attendees, who will hopefully enjoy being frightened after a busy day of buying comics, meeting creators and attending panels!  You can see Stormhouse's placement on the Events page here.

Chichester International Film Festival, 9.15pm
I'm delighted that Stormhouse is showing here as a Best Of FrightFest package, comprising five films.  What an honour!

Los Angeles Screamfest, screening day and time tbc
This is the US film festival which broke Paranormal Activity, and one which I've attended on two occasions.  A really tremendous event, passionate about horror films.  Again, such an honour to be among the line-up here.  Screamfest's Advisory Board reads like a Who's Who of horror, including John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, Clive Barker, Sean Cunningham, Eli Roth and John Landis!

Exciting times, then.  Honours a-go-go!  Hope you get to see Stormhouse at one of these events.   As a very special bonus at no extra charge, please know that after you've viewed the film, Stormhouse's entity will follow you home and destroy your life.  Enjoy!

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