The Gemini Contagion on 'DVD'

The TARDIS Art blog has smoothly transformed the cover art for my BBC audiobook Doctor Who: The Gemini Contagion into the style of a BBC DVD release for the TV series.  Looks great, no?

After a brief spot of release date confusion, The Gemini Contagion is now available to buy (CD or download) in all good online and physical shops.  The best price I've seen for the CD is £4.63 here at Amazon UK.

As you can see, it features Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond in a rip-roaring adventure read by the brilliant Meera Syal.  A rampaging mind-virus, icky flying starfish, shrieking, rapid gunfire, explosions and aerial combat?  How can you refuse, hmmmm?

Pick up the current issue of Doctor Who Magazine - the one with the Comic Relief cover - and you'll find an interview with me about The Gemini Contagion, in which I quack on at some length about how it's about the breakdown of interpersonal communication, etc.  What a right royal treat!

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