TAPS Film Ghost Writer Online

My TAPS film, Ghost Writer, is now online at their site here, along with the organisation's other three new films for 2010.  The 24-minute Ghost Writer was shot in four-and-a-half hours last December on the Emmerdale sets.  The logistical stipulations included: a maximum of 20 scenes, a maximum of three locations and a maximum of six characters.  Great practice for the practical realities of television writing.

Infuriatingly, that's pretty much all I have time to tell you, as I'm racing towards several deadlines.  Guess the film should speak for itself.  I'm very proud of it.  The cast, director Guy Slater, the crew and all of the TAPS folk were great.  Thanks also go, once again, to the various wonderful people whose input helped move the script along last year.

I will return to blog about the shoot.  Will also host the film on my own website using a service like Vimeo which will allow crazy full-screen action - and include cast info, plus the shooting script.

Before I go, though, I must echo David Bishop's feelings about this week's announcement that, as of June 30, TAPS will be forced into closure by lack of funding.  This is immensely sad.  The countless scriptwriters, directors, actors and  folks of all disciplines within the TV industry who have benefited from this friendly organisation's hard work will feel this loss especially keenly.  Again: more when I have more time!

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youdothatvoodoo said...

Agreed: losing TAPS is a real shame. I attended their one hour drama course a few years back, and got to write a one hour episode of The Bill with guidance from the wonderful team that guided the show home. It was a fantastic experience, and wouldn't have been possible without TAPS.