The Story Engine: This Time It's Newcastle

Now then, you... yes, you there, with the electronic quill. Listen up. Last February, I went to a tremendous screenwriting event in Darlington called The Story Engine. A smoothly-run conference with clear, demonstrable passion for the subject matter. You can read my blog-summary of it here and then a specific account of Robin Hood writer Lisa Holdsworth's pitch-doc masterclass here.

The Story Engine returns, next month, in lovely Newcastle on May 5 & 6. I'm certainly planning to help prop up the bar, as well as enjoying the various case studies, panel discussions, workshops and networking lunches. Divert your eyeballs towards the website here, for all the information your creative li'l heart desires.


Piers said...

Don't think I can afford it.


Niel Bushnell said...

I shall be your prop wing man for a pint or two.