So Here's What Happened...

Following on from yesterday's post which, obviously, left you on absolute tenterhooks and no mistake, here's how my birthday evening went...

It started off touchingly, when the heat team gave me a surprise card and gift, even though I don't work on the staff any more. Very cool indeed. Then came steak and wine, before it became time to head over to The Drill Hall, where the Laurence & Gus try-out evening was held. It happened downstairs in a small-ish and very hot room, before an audience who were constantly on the verge of wilting. Nevertheless, it was a good session, with some hilarious new stuff. And I had a sketch in! Thankfully, it went down pretty well, with laughs and everything - despite coming straight after the evening's finest gut-buster of a sketch, about a gingerbread house. And I'm taking Gus saying "What an odd sketch" afterwards as a compliment. Yes.

Also discovered that L&G want me to rewrite one of my other submissions, so need to get to work on that before Friday, when the final recording session takes place. Exciting.

So that sounds like a pretty good birthday, right? Could have gone home and been quite content, right? Oh no, there was more. And I'm about to sound somewhat like Patrick Nice, from The Fast Show.

So there I was in a Camden boozer, when I happened to see a Time Lord, sitting across the room. Specifically, Matt Smith, who will be the next Doctor Who, come 2010. Mad. He caught me recognising him, and it struck me that his life must be a bit like Tyler Durden's right now - full of people who know who he is, giving him secret nods and smiles across crowded rooms. Thankfully, I resisted persistent Tweet-demands from TV's James Moran to kiss Mr Smith ("Do it now!" he shrieked, while repeatedly stabbing himself in the leg with a toasting fork). However, I was just drunk enough to strike up a conversation with him and quickly ascertain that he is a ridiculously nice man. How. Mad. The universe might often seem random and cruel, but every once in a while, it relents and throws you a bone.

Combine all that with the confirmation of a Ridiculously Exciting Journalistic Job, and you had just about the best birthday ever.

Which was nice.


Helen Smith said...


katiemccullough said...

What a fantastic birthday to divulge in. I am extremely envious, not only did you have work performed but steak, wine AND The Doctor. I'm pretty sure you've exhausted your quota of goodness now, or maybe I'm just saying that so I feel better about my less than productive Monday.

If you'd like to stalk him a bit more (I do not condone this behaviour but will happily goad) he is more than often hanging about in the Royal Court bar. With his floppy insane hair.


hannah billingham said...


Dan Turner said...

You met Doctor Who?
Is there a character called that in a TV show. hmmmmm?

Piers said...

Yes. Yes there is.

Jennifer said...

You lucky sod. And belated happy birthday!

David Lemon said...

Booze, sketch writing, the 11th Doctors...sounds like Jimmy Saville himself couldn't have arranged a more perfect day for your passage into manhood. Not sure about the stalking tips, though I'm sure Mr Smith will be already getting used to his soon
(BTW was I the only person who, as a kid, thought Jummy Saville's first name was 'Jim'll?'
No. Just me then...)

Adaddinsane said...

What can I say that hasn't been said?

"The General Theory of Relativity does not rule out the possibility of faster-than-light travel."

Ha! Nobody said that!

That's all just so brillient

Sofluid said...

Wowza, what a fab birthday!

Congrats on the successful sketch read-through and the star-meeting!

On first reading this blog post, I got the impression you were tweeting James (who was stabbing himself with a fork) at the same time as talking to Matt, whilst trying not to kiss him. Hmmyess. You must have been drunk!

What's this ridiculously exciting journo job about?


I would very much like to read one of your sketches if I may? I'm not familiar with the skills of writing sketches, or for radio, so would love to see what it's all about?


Dom Carver said...

Nice one, sir.

Green with envy I tell thee...I can't remember when I last had steak.

Niel Bushnell said...

Brilliant! What a great view from the top of this highpoint. Enjoy it before you trip down the looming downward slope!

That was a joke, not a threat.

I wasn't threatening you alright?

Just to be clear: I like you, I really do. I know its not a fashionable position, but so what. So, well done, enjoy it, but keep your eyes open.

That's not a threat either.