CBBC Writersroom Session: Redirect Your Browser

Went to the Writersroom's CBBC session this afternoon/evening - a splendidly informative affair, which both reminded us of what CBBC are up to these days, and imparted some handy tips for writing kids' TV. Especially useful, since the Write For CBBC competition deadline looms: July 1.

Right now, I'm somewhat pressed for time. Knowing that a few writers will hunger for event-info, I thought I'd direct you to a fellow attendee with faster fingers than me: Mr Simon Guerrier, who has written up a few of those handy tips. When I have more time to blog, I'll try and write up anything else which ended up in my notepad.

Love you. We should hang out more.

UPDATE: There's further reportage on Lord Jez of Freedman's blog.

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Lucy said...

Oh you fiend, keeping us hanging and begging for more....!