Three Amusing Things

Thanks to my regular Google of my own name (c'mon, you do it too), I discovered that I won an award, three years ago. Oh yes, back in the mists of 2005, Bookgasm decided that my novel Friday The 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat was worthy of the year's Best Title, Regardless Of How The Book Is. They're almost certainly taking the piss, but hey, it's an award. As the guy/gal who runs the site says: "Every time I go to the bookstore, I have to look at this cover just to assure myself I wasn’t dreaming it."

Director Shane Meadows recently staged a private screening of his latest film Somers Town, for the residents of Camden area Somers Town. The Camden New Journal reports on the event thusly: "Although the audience response was favourable, the film... drew flak from some for its 'unrealistic' portrayal of the neighbourhood. Cheers at the sight of local cafe The Golden Tulip turned to disconsolate mutters when the interior shots revealed the staff had been replaced by professional actors." Gasp! What the hell was Meadows playing at, eh? Outrageous.

Quite simply, the tagline on the cover of this Steven Seagal movie, Mercenary For Justice. Really makes the film stand out from the rest of the pony-tailed star's oeuvre.


Elinor said...

Arf! I like Steven Seagal. You can't go wrong with a man who only has three facial expressions.

Piers said...

And yet your award isn't mentioned on your biog page, for some reason.

For shame, sir.

For shame.