Facebook Mystery

There's this new thing on The Book Of Face called Blog Networks, which seem to be another way of getting your blog content to interested eyes and brains. I'm still trying to work out how it works, but I apparently need Facebook folk to go here and confirm that I am the author of Bloggery-Pokery. Thanking you kindly.


Glenn Upsall said...

I see you and Lucy have your Blogs on FB.....GREAT!!

I have helped in the 'confirmation' of your authorship!! It was a pleasure, sir!!

Good times!

I wish i could figure out how to get my LAME effort of a Blog on there too!!???

Bad times!!

Elinor said...

'tis done.

Laura Anderson said...

I've done it already! That's how good I am. I rated it and everything.

Don't quite understand it though, and I spammed everyone I know on Facebook about it the other day. Wonderful.

Jason Arnopp said...

Thanks folks. I'm now confirmed as the author of this blog. Who knew, eh?