Three Things I've Been Dying To Tell You All Damn Week

Scriptwriter magazine, that august UK organ dedicated to our favourite pasttime (okay, our second favourite pasttime), is going online! As of July 1, 2008, it will migrate to, where it will continue to deliver its established diet of stylish articles, as well as a whole lot more interactivity and value. I met up with its editor Julian Friedmann the other day and was excited to hear his aims of "making TwelvePoint the world's biggest writing portal." I shall babble more about this as the time draws near, but for now, hit the TwelvePoint website for all the details. Then come back and read the Other Two Things I've Been Dying To Tell You All Week.

I recently saw an excellent horror film named Inside - or L'Interieur in its native France. I don't believe it has secured a UK release yet, but it's well worth keeping an eye out for, provided you're not (a) squeamish about nasty gore; or (b) pregnant. Starring Beatrice Dalle, it's a brilliantly classy, scary and damn vicious story about a pregnant mother whose home is invaded on Christmas Eve. I loved it.

Running low on displacement activities and stress-easing devices? Enjoy popping bubble-wrap? In that case, you may well enjoy Puchi Puchi - a Japanese creation which simulates bubble-wrap you can pop forever... or as long as you have a tiny battery installed. As you squeeze the device, it makes the sound of a bubble being popped, and once in a while makes a ludicrous random noise. I'd say it simulates about 80% of the joy of bubble-wrap destruction, which is good enough for me. It's certainly perfect for nervously fiddling about with while reading script notes.

Have a great Saturday, you ridiculously special person.


Rach said...

But how do you get that squishy, pop feel? Sorry electronic just isn't visceral enough.

I'm talking about the bubblewrap here, not the horror.

David Bishop said...

I'd happily visit [or as I just tried to type it, but there's some sort of username and password verification thingy to get past - without offering any clues how sign up or register.