Nicholson & Fellowes

A handful of choice quotes from guest speakers William Nicholson (Gladiator) and Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) at tonight's splendid launch event for the International Screenwriters' Festival 2008 (a fuller report will follow)...

Nicholson: "I think writers are superior beings. In my opinion, they're the only people who are awake in the world... listening and absorbing all the time."

Fellowes (on script-notes): "There is the possibility that you are wrong and they right. Not that one thinks it's likely."

Nicholsons: "The life of a screenwriter is one of continual disappointment. Disappointment, laced with outright misery!"

Fellowes: "If someone gives you a note that will improve the script, it will probably chime with something that didn't feel completely right in your head."

Nicholson: "Writing, or screenwriting, is not a job. It's a posture towards life. When we write, we're structuring life and giving it meaning."

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