So This Is How It Feels...

... to throw a film screening. There's a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I suspect Pret A Manger isn't to blame.

Tonight, the short film Look At Me (written by me, directed by Dan Turner) will be shown in High Definition, in a Soho screening room. And people will be watching it.

This feeling in my stomach isn't down to a fear of people liking/disliking the film. I know Look At Me mightn't be to everyone's taste. But I also know it's a fine, quality piece of work, and am incredibly, incredibly proud to have it as my first produced credit.

So this feeling is more the kind of thing you feel when you're throwing a party (although the amazing folks at Magician Pictures are actually doing the throwing). Worries about whether people will have a good time, and feel it worth their journey. People are, after all, coming from places like Cheltenham and Brighton to see this film. Worries about forgetting someone's name when you have to introduce them. All that social stuff, y'know?

So then, Arnopp. Deep breath. Relaxation. Big smile. Look in the mirror and pretend to be a ninja, just like you do, first thing every morning.

Ahem. Am I still writing?


William Gallagher said...

I'd best say good luck and have fun now - I will be there, but I figure you'll be too surrounded by fans to notice one scaredy-cat growing pale in the back row.

Looking forward to it,

Jason Arnopp said...

Nonsense, sir. I shall be on you like glue! You'll be sick of my quacking, by the time I'm done.

See you later!

Rob Stickler said...

Break a leg.

(purely in the good natured showbiz sense - No future leg breakages can be attributed to this comment).

James Moran said...

Good luck, you monstrously lovely hunk of manflesh! Easier said than done, but: relax, enjoy the experience as much as possible. It's a weird feeling, almost like exposing yourself or going on stage or something, but there's nothing else quite like it. Apart from rampant bum squeezing.

potdoll said...

... how did it go??