Moran! Torchwood! Declassified!

Last night, James Moran's top notch Torchwood episode Sleeper aired on BBC2. Like a damn fool, I forgot to remind you. What you can now do, though - whether you caught the episode or not - is tune into BBC2 tonight. The pre-watershed version of Sleeper is showing at 7pm, followed by a 7.50pm airing of Torchwood Declassified, the equivalent of behind-the-scenes doc series Doctor Who Confidential. Here, you'll be able to see James squawking away about his ep. Brilliant!

My favourite bit is when he starts weeping, while rocking back and forth in his chair. As he makes a kind of strangulated mewling noise, onscreen subtitles read: "Finally... finally the world of television appreciates my work! It gets me.". It really has to be seen to be observed.

No, but seriously, watch tonight!


Jon Peacey said...

Can I watch my video of last night's instead? :)

Piers said...

Today, I have been mostly feeling like Rodney Bewes and James Bolam.

Tonight... Yes, tonight James Moran's Torchwood shall be mine! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Piers said...
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Dom Carver said...

As I have said on other blogs, twas ruddy awesome!