The Kind Of Stupidity Which Must Be Destroyed

Having seen my logline and resume on Inktip, a production company wants to see my teen SF script. They need me to sign the site's generic release form. That's when I realised I finally needed to revive my scanner from its two-year slumber.

Now, here's where my occasional bout of disorganised behaviour came back and bit me on the face. I realised that, although the scanner itself is sitting nearby, I had no idea where the two leads were. Or the software disc. In my defence, I moved house in April, and some things are still in boxes. Some of them are in storage too, and I suddenly had a vision of my scanner leads sitting in a box in Wembley.

I decided to buy a new scanner. This is fairly typically lazy-consumer behaviour of mine - last year I bought a new acoustic guitar, rather than working out how to restring the old one (having said that, the new guitar was also much better).

Thankfully, I was determined to have one last search for the leads... and there they were, in a box in a cupboard. And I downloaded the software. So hopefully I can now print the release form, scan it and e-mail it today. And I can stop wasting this part of your day with my inane babbling. But the point is: this kind of ridiculousness won't be happening again. This is the summer of knowing where things are. Arnopp II: This Time, He's Organised.


Lucy said...

Wait til you have kids my friend. Then you will NEVER know where ANYTHING is - usually things like hair brushes, deoderants, lipsticks, shaving foam... The kinds of things you need in the morning and QUICKLY. It's all a conspiracy, I tell you.

Rob Stickler said...

We never really learn from these close calls though do we?

Congatulations on the interest in your script. Is this a well known production company?


Dan Turner said...

US or UK prouction company Sir?
(look no insults, I'm growing as a person you see)


Jason Arnopp said...

I thank you for your congrats and interest, fellas - and Lucy for your child-related tips. :)

It's not one of those big big names, no, but it is a Hollywood prodco with a long list of films on imdb. So we shall see. I e-mailed the release form off earlier today...

Dan Turner said...

Good man. Hope it goes well