Inktip Tips and Invasion: Hollywood

Finally got around to registering with InkTip, the US-based website which posts loglines, synopses and (optional) screenplays for a closed community of producers, agents and other assorted Hollywood industry folks to peruse. As I have a US-centric screenplay which remains unsold/optioned, this seemed like a good way to go about things. Anyone else on it? All I have to do now is find my Writers Guild of America certificate for the screenplay, so I can post the WGA registration number... Damn that house-move...

Thanks to Lara's blog, I signed up for Living Spirit's June 10 class on making it in Hollywood. While I don't have plans to move to Hollywood - and see plenty of sense in Danny Stack's assertion that you need to live there to make serious in-roads - I'm drawn to this event for a UK-centric view of how to invade the place with your screenplay. I've been to Hollywood on a business mission, with moderately successful results. In October 2006, I had face-to-face meetings with my entertainment lawyer and the production company who wanted to (and ultimately did) option my Panik screenplay. I attended a screenplay conference and a pitch-fest. But overall, it wasn't the most targeted offensive. I'd like to find out what more I could do. How much further I can push it while still living in London.

Ultimately, though, I don't want to live in Hollywood. I do want to live in London. So the main thrust of my ambition now lies here, in the UK...


Lucy said...

I want to live in London!!! But I don't want to raise kids there. It's no fun. So, see you in approximately 26 years. I'm serious.

In the mean time, pls visit


for a verbal scrap. Many thanks.

Pillock said...

Been on InkTip for a day.

So far--5 logline views. Not sure how reliable that is, since I believe I read that a 'logline view' could just mean that your title turned up along with others as search results. May or may not have been read, depending on what was searched.

One 'view' of my title. COOL! But no. What, exactly did they view? Did they proceed in an orderly manner from logline to synopsis?Did they READ THE SCRIPT????!!!

No. They looked at my resume and no further. Not even my ultra-lean 300 word synopsis.

I'm going to have to think of devious ways of sexing up my (non existant) resume.

Dom Carver said...

Thought I'd pop by and say hello, and to have a nose around.

Nah, I don't like it, it's.....TOO white. Think I'll go back home.

*Dom wipes his dirty fingers along the nice white borders as he leaves.

Jason Arnopp said...

Too white, Dom? I'll have you know, this is Intense Grey.