Jodie Marsh And Louis Theroux

They're getting married. Ho ho, just a bit of fun, there. Imagine that union of minds, eh?

I interviewed Jodie Marsh for heat magazine last month, after which I became the latest figure of derision on her online blog. On a MySpace bulletin, she described me as "the kind of man who looks like he's still a virgin at 45". Which I really objected to, what with me being 34.

Jodie's exciting new LivingTV show Get A Life has been dropped, after just two episodes - the second of which was witnessed by 11,000 people. Now, us folk with TV aspirations should know better than to bask in someone else's defeat. So I'll say no more. Maybe just wink. Surely winking can't make me a bad man.

As for Louis Theroux, I just saw his remarkable new doc, The Most Hated Family In America. Hitting BBC2 on April 1, it does indeed resemble an April Fool's gag, until the full horror sinks in. It's about the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas, which despises all form of "fornication" between anyone other than a man and a woman, within wedlock. Fuelled by extreme homophobia, they picket the funerals of American soldiers, holding placards like 'Fag Troops' and 'God Hates Your Tears'. Yep, it's mad stuff. As ever, it's highly entertaining to see Theroux methodically chipping away at their ludicrous beliefs. Recommended.


Lucy said...

I'm confused... You're taking issue with Jodie Marsh because you're a virgin at 34 instead?? ; )

Jason Arnopp said...

Yes, Lucy, that's right. I just think she should do her research. :)

Lucy said...

Or perhaps it's just sour grapes 'cos you wanted her to pop your cherry?!?

potdoll said...

I fear for Jodie Marsh. She's so uncomfortable to watch. You can see that she's deeply unhappy but is in total denial about it.

and that lipliner... poor poor girl.

Jason Arnopp said...

Lucy, grapes? Cherries? Feeling fruity today, are we? ;)

And Potdoll, yep that's it. Unhappy, desperate for attention, whichever way she can get it. That's why I can't seem to dislike her. Pity's more appropriate.

Lucy said...

I'm ALWAYS frooty, bee-atch!