Stormhouse is a British horror film which received its world premiere at the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 23 and 24, 2011.  Dan Turner directed, Dean Fisher produced and I wrote and executive-produced.

It's about the military capturing a supernatural entity, in 2002.  The British government send New York  'ghost whisperer' Hayley Sands to the secret Stormhouse base to broach contact with the entity... and all Hell breaks loose.

Stormhouse was shot at location at a UK military base in August 2010.  Cast and crew lived on-site, adhering to a military-style regime for added authenticity.

The aim was to create a scary, uncompromising horror film and I believe we pulled it off.

After Edinburgh, Stormhouse went on to play the London Film 4 FrightFest, the Chichester International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Screamfest.

It had a US release date of February 7 2012 through Lionsgate Home Entertainment (see it at Amazon US).  The UK release: July 9, 2012 via High Fliers (see it at Amazon UK).


See the film's US Lionsgate trailer on YouTube here.

See the film's initial teaser trailer on YouTube here.

Web page for Stormhouse's UK screening, at London FrightFest.

You can follow the film's schedule via its dedicated Twitter account, here.

The film's Facebook page is here.

SFX Stormhouse interview with me and director Dan Turner

Den Of Geek newspiece showcases the first Stormhouse teaser trailer.

Bloody Disgusting newspiece showcases the first Stormhouse teaser trailer.

Grant Masters and Katie Flynn in the depths of Stormhouse
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