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Many otherwise-excellent scriptreading sites bamboozle the brain by offering multiple multi-tiered services, so I keep my own script feedback service bare-bones simple

Send me your script and I’ll give you my response, across several thorough and thoughtful pages of text. I'll take in plot, character and theme, as well as giving my overall reaction.  I'll also flag up any typos or formatting weirdness that I spot.

I tend to ask rhetorical questions about the script like this…
  • Could this dialogue be stronger and more direct if it was cut down?
  • Why does Suzanne decide to set fire to Robert here?
  • Do the chainsaw-wielding hedgehogs justify their inclusion on Page 31?
  • Is there a reason why Page 56 consists solely of the word “SATAN” written again and again?
partly because this method of addressing issues tends to go a little easier on the newer writer.  It’s also a good way of getting the writer to consider the elements of their scripts which need improvement.

Here are some very kind things people have said about my reading work:

Jason was a brilliant script reader and assessor for us at Screen East. His knowledge and skill in assessing writers’ work, and giving feedback in a clear and constructive manner are second to none. The ability to work with both inexperienced writers and those with many years writing experience behind them is a great skill which Jason has in abundance. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again, in fact, it would be a pleasure.” – SAM BURTON, Project Officer, Creative Industries, Low Carbon Innovation Fund

Jason Arnopp is the first person I turn to when it's time to edit my work. His notes manage to be completely sympathetic to what I'm trying to achieve whilst at the same time never letting me get away with easy shortcuts or parts that are not as good as they have to be. To me, he's the perfect reader.” – JOHN HIGGS, author of Brandy Of The Damned, The KLF: Chaos, Music And The Band Who Burned A Million Pounds and I Have America Surrounded: The Life Of Timothy Leary.

Jason gave me some excellent wood-for-trees help on a feature script. He's one of those people I'd definitely call if I wasn’t available.” – ANDREW ELLARD, Red Dwarf/Miranda/The IT Crowd (You might indeed want to check if he’s available here!)

If you’d like me to read and respond to your script, please click the appropriate PayPal link below, depending on the length of your script (if it falls between the given lengths, please email me here for a quote.  Also email me for a quote if you need a turnaround time of less than the standard three weeks.)  After making payment, please send your script – in PDF format only – as an attachment to this email address ('tellarnopp at gmail dot com').

Grim and tedious but vital legal bit: by sending me your work, you fully acknowledge that I may already have developed, or be developing, or have contemplated, my own ideas, concepts and intellectual properties which are identical or similar to the work you’ve sent.  The copyright for your work automatically sits and stays with you.  But you knew all this anyway, because you visit this blog.  You're cool and not deranged.

Please allow three weeks for me to send my written notes on your work.

PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL, which doesn’t require you to be a PayPal member.  All you need is a debit or credit card.

Feature-length scripts of 85-120 pages: £129.99

Hour-length scripts of 50-70 pages: £79.99

Half-hour scripts of 25-35 pages: £49.99


I look forward to reading your work!


Are you reading short scripts at the moment?
Not right now, but I may well in future.  Please register interest by emailing.

What if my script’s over 120 pages? 
Do email me to discuss, but also consider boiling it down.  I always think that unless you’ve written Goodfellas, your film script needs a damn fine reason to be over two hours long.

What if I have questions after receiving your written notes – can I ask a few follow-up questions via email?
No problem!  Provided, of course, that none of those questions are, “Where do you live, so that I can shoot you?”  

This is my first ever script and I’m terrified to show anyone.  What if you tear it to shreds and I want to crawl into the ground and die?
I would never tear anyone’s work to shreds.  I like to encourage people and help develop their work in a positive way.  Having said that, I’m very honest, which will benefit you in the long run, and indeed short-term if you adopt the right attitude.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, benefits from receiving an honest and informed overview on their work.  You must accept that a huge part of writing is rewriting.  So feel the fear, then send me your script anyway.

I notice you’re only offering script feedback.  What about prose, hmm?
I may consider providing this service in future.  The problem, frankly, is I’m quite a slow reader.  Do feel free to register interest in a prose-feedback service by dropping me a line here.

Do you like cheese? 
What kind of question is that?  Let’s stay on-topic here.

Sorry about that.
It's fine, let's just leave it there...  

... Although I do like cheese, as it goes.  There was this one amazing cheese I had many years ago, which seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth.  A hard cheese with walnuts in it.  Can't find it anywhere now.  Madness.

Bye then.