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These are my 'solo' books, as distinct from my work in tie-in worlds like Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Friday The 13th.  They're all available on the Kindle format, which you can read on any tablet, smartphone or computer, thanks to Amazon's free apps.

EASTER WEEKEND 2015: A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home is free at Amazon sites worldwide!  Details here.

A dark, twisted tale of obsession, revenge, censorship, blame culture and parental responsibility.  In a big house in the countryside, an increasingly unstable author toils over a new hotly-anticipated novel which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus books.  A violent incident tips him into a downward spiral with horrific consequences.  Beast is available for Kindle (which can be read on most devices) at Amazon UK, Amazon US and more.  More details here and download a free PDF sampler here.

Want to feel afraid in your own home?  Of course you do and my short story A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home can help.  Presented as a letter to YOU which is delivered to YOUR house, this grave warning from the previous resident tells you things you really don't want to hear.  A Sincere Warning... comes as either a low-cost ebook or as a uniquely personalised physical letter which is mailed to your home address!  Full details at
My Amazon-acclaimed non-fiction ebook How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else is out now on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Germany, among others.  You can also buy it direct from me, in a Triple Pack of all three major file-types (PDF, ePub, Kindle), via PayPal.  Full details here, you splendid individual.

How to Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne and Everyone Else

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