Ghost Writer: The Resurrection

In 2009, I had a one-off 24-minute drama produced by the TAPS organisation.  Ghost Writer is a story about love, death and letting go.  I'm still very proud of what we all achieved in four-and-a-half hours on the Emmerdale sets, one Sunday morning in December.

Sadly, TAPS ran aground in 2010.  This morning on Twitter, someone made me aware that their website had finally gone the way of all pixels - a website which included showcases of the various films which TAPS had made during their many years in existence.  It was a shame to think of Ghost Writer joining the Choir Invisible.  Why are films made, if not to be seen?

Happily, due to wonderful  technology, plus the helpful generosity of knowledgeable folks on the Twitter, it has been a fairly simple process to (a) rip Ghost Writer from the TAPS showcase DVD using Handbrake software; and (b) upload the MP4 file to Vimeo.  Voila - Ghost Writer returns.  Of course, it no longer has anything like the through-traffic that the TAPS site would have enjoyed, but I like the fact that it remains in a public place.

You can now watch Ghost Writer on Vimeo here, in full-screen if you so wish, and with Miss Marple director Guy Slater's original aspect ratio lovingly preserved.

Why should you bother?  Here are a few reasons:

1) It has a fine cast, including actors from Waterloo Road, Midsomer Murders, Casualty 1909 and one of my very favourite films, Dead Man's Shoes.

2) Hopefully it has something to say about relationships, their bad patches and the occasional painful necessity of putting them behind you.

3) The way it was shot - at light-speed, with few opportunities for second takes - lends it a certain buzz.  A hint of live theatre.

4) It involves LETTERS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.  No-one can resist that, hmm?

Ghost Writer on Vimeo

Ghost Writer shooting script (PDF)

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laurence timms said...

I watched Ghost Writer when it was up on the TAPS website, and it's a cracking story. Do yourselves a favour, folks, and watch it on Vimeo.