Doctor Who: Army Of Death

Hello captain!

Just a quick one: last year, I wrote a new Big Finish audio play, starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Julie Cox as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. It's called Army Of Death and is out in December 2011, with a fine supporting cast in David Harewood, Eva Pope, Carolyn Pickles and Mitch Benn.

Army Of Death will conclude a trilogy of new Eighth Doctor/Mary Shelley stories. The preceding tales are Marc Platt's The Silver Turk and Rick Briggs' The Witch In The Well.

That's the bare bones information for now - rather appropriate since the story sees an uprising of scorched, walking skeletons! More, closer to release. Good day to you.



Excellent news. Time to update the CV section of your blog, methinks!

Word Verification: mices. [Yes. Really.]

Piers said...


Scorched walking skeletons FTW...