Stormhouse: The Halloween Unveiling

I've been waiting for this for some time. Halloween is, needless to say, the best possible time to raise the curtain - partly, at least - about me and Dan Turner's forthcoming horror feature. Here are some facts about it:

It's called Stormhouse.

Set in 2002, it sees the Military capturing and imprisoning a supernatural entity at England's secret base Stormhouse. The Government send 'ghost whisperer' Hayley Sands in to try and communicate with the entity. Then everything goes seriously ghost-shaped.

Hayley Sands is played by Katie Flynn (the daughter of Jane Seymour), who delivers a remarkable performance - as do Patrick Flynn, Grant Masters, Munir Khairdin, Grahame Fox and the rest of our awesome ensemble cast.

Dan has brilliantly directed it, with a luscious cinematography aided and abetted by our DOP Richard Swingle. Dan and I created the story, from his original idea (those five words I mentioned in a previous blogpost were "The military capture a ghost"). I wrote the script and executive-produced. Dean Fisher at Scanner-Rhodes is our ingenious, tireless producer.

That's all for now, except to say that as we move into post-production I couldn't possibly be more thrilled about this film.
            * * *

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How to Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne and Everyone Else


Helen Smith said...

It sounds great, Jason. Good luck with it. Richard Swingle was the DOP on the sketch show, wasn't he?

I'm looking forward to seeing Stormhouse next year.

Matt Gibbs said...

Like the premise; looking forward to learning and seeing more. Good luck.

Paul Campbell said...

Great five words. Looking forward to the rest of 'em.

Jane Frisby said...

Hi Jason
Really can't wait to see it !!
And glad the cast behaved well !!
Jane xxxx

Jason Arnopp said...

Thanks guys!

Jane Frisby, I should point out, is our awesome casting director. Did us proud!

Andy Goodman said...

Sounds great. I like the five words thing too - oaks from acorns, huh?
What's the anticipated release going to be, and when? Cinema, DVD? Projected onto a sheet in a garage?
Keep us informed Mr Arnopp.