There's No Escaping Fate

Hello, you sumptuous little rose-bud. Seems I no longer have to be secretive - or, at least, not fully secretive - about the online drama I've been working for. It's called Tempting Fates, and it's being made by production company Eye Film & TV, who made Five's The Secret Of Eel Island series, among other shows. Hence my having travelled a great deal between London and Norwich over the last few weeks, with more storylining and brainstorming meetings yet to come.

It's a very exciting project, due later in the year, with a cool central concept which is right up my alley. Can't say any more than that for now, but I'm having lots of fun and learning a great deal in the process (for more, much more, on learning-while-doing, see Moran's mega-FAQ - Christ!) I will also be having fun in half an hour, when I'm out in the rock 'n' roll wilds of Camden Town guzzling Guinness like a gannet. Happy St Patrick's Day, boozers.


Helen Smith said...

What an extraordinary coincidence. I'm currently working on a drama entitled Tempting Fetes, about the disturbing goings on at these countrywide events among the marmelade pots. Tombola! Don't you believe it.

Good luck with yours xx

Andy Phillips said...

I'm just back from St Patrick's festivities myself. The local Irish boozer had two violins, a guitar, whistle and those funny drums you can't spell. I sang! Yes. "Dirty Old Town." Everyone loved me. And I loved them right back.

Don't know any proper Irish songs. Only ones by the Pogues. Good old Pogues. Goodnight and god bless.

Piers said...

What an extraordinary co-incidence. I'm currently working on a drama entitled Temping Fates, about the disturbing and bloody deaths of people hired to fill in at offices.

The photocopying kill is particularly grim.

Phill Barron said...

What an extraordinary coincidence, I'm currently working on a drama entitled ... um ... bollocks, it's no good. I can't think up any more witty plays on the title.

I'll just wish you good luck and go and hide in the corner.

Anonymous said...


Jon Peacey said...

I was just about to start 'Feting Temps'... lionizing super-hero secretaries who have to fight the dual threat of tyrant office managers and malicious stationary reps- though they're far easier to fight as they insist on staying still!